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Following this plan, the Survivors take the injured Louis with them, due to the obvious danger of being alone, and fight their way to the bridge, where the button to raise it fails. Pulling back the panic and fear, Bill escapes the hospital and streets of Infected to make it home. Gaming Arrow. It's like They'll leap a hundred off a building, right on top of you. Home Bite Me - Zombie Series. Part 4. The comics were illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming , a comic books veteran.

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Rip your guts out with their claws. There's this thing called a Hunter. An upset Zoey shouts at him for leaving them behind as the train continues onwards.

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The game was completed on November 13, Cancel Save. They commissioned Oeming to illustrate their comic to allow the comic to reach a certain level of quality. Zoey herself is horrified to learn that her father, who requested her to kill him before he turned, had the Carrier gene, meaning that his death could have been avoided.

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Part Two: Zoey was released on September I dunno, cat nip or something. In the present day, Louis and Francis are locked up together in a sealed room with independent ventilation, where Francis fails at agitating the military personnel in order to escape.

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The only way we're coming in there is if you are dead or on fire. Download as PDF Printable version. Much of the comic's content was created before the comic was created; in particular, the flashback featuring Francis was one of the first thing that was written for him. They added that this would allow fans to make their own dialogue for them. Views Read Edit View history. Just after the doctor concludes with a plea that they all help each other escape, a loud alarm goes off in the facility. Cancel Save. Meanwhile, Zoey and Bill are held under armed guard in a medical examination room. Interspersed within the story are flashbacks showing the events that each Survivor experienced a short time "after First Infection"; watching friends, loved ones, and strangers turn into zombie-like creatures before their eyes and each realizing they are immune to the Infection. Disclaimer The images used on this website belong to their respective owners and we do not claim any of them as our own.

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Labels: Left 4 Dead Comics Set Anime Arrow. On Tuesday, September 14, , Valve released the first of four parts of The Sacrifice comic revealing the events leading up and during The Sacrifice campaign. Views Read Edit View history.


Anime Arrow. You guys've never seen a Boomer? Views Read Edit View history. Mora is explaining the Hunter's details to his superior, Major Everly, who does not believe him; nor does he believe that there is a distinction between Carriers and Survivors , whilst Lt.

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